2015 In Review: Best Books

2015 In Review: Best Books

2015 has been an interesting year as far as reading for me, because I haven’t read a ton of books. Nevertheless, I’ve compiled my top three favorite books/series from 2015 (whether they were released in 2015 or not), as well as an honorable mention. Hang on to your hats!

First Place

A classic! I love this book. So, so much. It’s full of drama, conviction, and romance (*winks*). It’s the second Jane Austen novel I picked up, the first being Emma. I love both dearly, as well as the movies that go along with them. Pride & Prejudice shows truths about pride (duh), prejudice (duh x2), grace, and forgiveness. A must-read, for sure.

Second Place

My friends know I love sci-fi. I wrote an entire 91,000-word sci-fi novel, for crying out loud! I will say, though, that I kept my sci-fi reading to a minimum this year, as they tend to be addicting and time-consuming, so this is the only sci-fi series you’ll find in this post. 🙂 The Keeper Of The Lost Cities series is about a girl named Sophie who finds out she has incredible talents when she is twelve years old. This is a middle-grade series, but I still love them even though I am one year out of middle school. Lol.

Third Place

I actually read these books for school! The ones I’m counting as “third place” are Little Britches (the first book), Man Of The Family (second), and Mary Emma & Company (the third). This picture shows the books out of order, so sorry about that! These books are non-fiction, about a little boy growing up on a ranch, then losing his dad, then learning how to be a man at just eleven years old! It’s a real tear-jerker series, for sure, as well as a gut-buster because of how funny it is. This is a really good historical fiction read, one that all you homeschoolers might want to talk your moms into letting you read for “school”. 😉

Honorable Mention

You guys will remember that last year at this time, Dear Mr. Knightley – Katherine Reay’s first novel – was one of my favorite fiction books from 2014. She has not failed to impress me again, although this one was significantly less enjoyable to me than Dear Mr. Knightley. Lizzy & Jane is a book – like Reay’s first novel – that parallels to many of Jane Austen’s storylines. I love the emotion and the resolution of relationships that this book portrays, though it’s only an “honorable mention” for a reason.

All in all, 2015 brought some good books to my attention! I can’t wait to see what good reads 2016 will have!