2016 Photo Round-up

2016 Photo Round-up

Hey, friends! I can’t believe I’m so late in getting out this recap post for the photos of 2016. But, better late than never, right? So, without further ado, here are my favorite photos from each month of 2016, along with stories to go with them. 


This one has a special place in my heart. I remember looking through some photos online that were winter-like, and suddenly had this uncontrollable urge to get outside and do it. The results made me squeal. Looking at them now, I know there are areas where I could have improved. I know everything from 2016 is, in all honesty, still a beginner’s work. But, it really made me feel confident to think that the day was here: I could look at a photo and think, I could do that. 


This pretty red flower shot is my favorite from February. That month doesn’t offer me a ton, as I was struggling with white balance issues (I had accidentally customized it so that everything was green. Not pretty.) and overall I kinda had been in a rut. However, I still love the sweet tones in this photo.


I love this one. The colors are gorgeous and it’s so clear and perfect. It stands out to me in a rough photography month. 🙂


I like the clarity and innocence of this. I think April was honestly the month when I started thinking with a deeper photography mindset – I questioned all angles of a photo. Was the background good? Was the subject good? Was the lighting good? I have always evaluated photography like this, but I think something changed in April and it started kicking in on a deeper level. This photo is good proof of it. Plus, when the weather starts getting good, that’s when my photos start getting good. 😉


What a crazy, special, beautiful month this was. Twenty days into this month, I got my DSLR (which came as a total shock). Read all about it here. So many pretty photos came out of that!! It’s pretty darn hard to pick just one. Here’s my best try, though.

This one is really meaningful to me because it’s from my first-ever senior photo shoot. And it’s gorgeous 😀 I didn’t take it on my DSLR, which reminds me that I don’t need a fancy camera to feel like I can get a beautiful photo.


You can’t tell me that you didn’t crack the tiniest smile at seeing this! This little girl goes to our running club, and she is just the sweetest thing. So glad I got to take her picture ❤️


I’d have to say this one! Miss Petra is one of my all-time favorite models 😉 We get together quite frequently for hangouts/photo shoots and I am so glad we are photography buddies. 😀


This cutie hasn’t been featured here yet, so he deserves at least one photo. 😀 Love this photo. *sighs* I miss summer!!


This photo is the one glorious portrayal of any sports photography talent I may possess. Sports…are not my forte, much less sports photography. But running, I can do 😀 I just adore every aspect of this photo: the subject, the lighting, and the memories behind it.


This is the essence of fall! I just love the huge grin on Micah’s face, and the perfect lighting.


Julia is growing up so fast! But I love photographing every change in her little world. In November, I purchased my 50mm lens which is AMAAAAZIIING! Can’t stop singing its praises.


Look at these little angels ❤️  Lol, they do NOT always act like angels, but they do have their sweet moments. I love the hint of mischief in this shot 😀

All in all, 2016 was an amazing year for photography. I learned so much, and have grown from many mistakes (like February’s white balance issues o.0 ). Thanks for reading! Come back for 2017’s recap in a year, give or take 😉

which photo is your favorite? 🙂 see the best photos of 2015 here!


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  1. Julia says:

    oh I think my favorite one would be September’s — the lighting is perfection and it captures a lot of feelings from all the different girls, and also from you. Also, there are these little specks of dust dancing in the air and gahhhhhhh yes, that’s a good photo. <3

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