2016 Reflections

2016 Reflections

I’ve taken my good sweet time in sorting out all my thoughts and feelings upon leaving 2016. This time of year is usually very nostalgic and I get all emotional, but this year, I just didn’t care, to be totally honest! Still, after a week of reflection, I’ve come up with a way to cram what usually takes up 3+ posts into one, which would be a LIST. I’m a big fan of lists. xD

Significant Events of 2016 (with links to blog posts in case you want to read more 😉 )

  • I ran track for Team FCA in February-April. (a few posts about it, but main one here)
  • My sisters and I threw a surprise baby shower for my mom in February. Since this was baby #12, after all, a shower seemed very appropriate. Over 80 lovely ladies showered my mom with tons of beautiful baby clothes and mama-pampering goodies. 🙂
  • Julia was born on April 8! My life will never be the same. 😉
  • I had a hip injury from track in April. 🙁 This took me down for 6 weeks, but I came out of it stronger.
  • I did my first senior photo shoot in May with the gorgeous Maddie! Such a sweet memory.
  • I bought my DSLR (!!!!!!) in May! Definitely one of the best things that happened to me in 2016.
  • Sarah and I began our first job at a local grocery store in June! What a learning experience this has been. So thankful for the community we’ve found there and the friendships that have been formed/strengthened.
  • Our cousin, Cassidy, came to stay with us for a few days in August. See our photo shoot here. It was so much fun having her! Can’t wait till next year, Cass!
  • Cross country started in the middle of August!
  • Sarah, Mom, Julia, and I saw Nichole Nordeman in concert!!! Probably the best concert I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to some good concerts in my day 😉
  • The older four kids in my family plus Dad went to Cedar Point, as we do every year in August, for the third year in a row. Fun stuff.
  • I did my second senior photo shoot with the strong & beautiful Kate at the end of August. 🙂
  • Starting in September and going to the end of October, I ran six 5k races for cross-country, eventually getting down to a PR (personal record) of 24:12. 🙂
  • I had my sweet sixteen in September!
  • I ran the fastest mile of my life in October!
  • My family and I went to Lynchburg, VA for a mini vacation in October. We saw Switchfoot in concert there! Crazy good concert. 😀
  • I did my first family photo shoot at the end of October!
  • We were blown away by the results of the 2016 election…in a sort of positive way but we were mostly just stunned xD
  • In November, for the second year in a row, I opened up a temporary Christmas card shop here on the blog! I increased my sales from 2016 by 50%, selling out of my cards!
  • I got my wisdom teeth removed in late November. :/ It went very well, despite my apprehensions ;P
  • I finished Geometry/started Algebra 2 in November!
  • I spent a lot of money and time shopping for siblings & friends for Christmas this year. xD I think it was our best Christmas 🙂

So there you have it! Here is a quick review of the best books and music of 2016:

Best Books

Image result for amy snow book

Related image

Image result for the broken way

^^ I just liked that so I shared it. 🙂

Best Music

Image result for tenth avenue north followers

Image result for audrey assad inheritance

(by Audrey Assad)

Image result for steven curtis chapman worship and believe

A “best photos” post is in the works and on its way, I promise. 🙂 Happy New Year!