Month: February 2016

Spring Reflections

Just a post with some joyful, springy verses that have been running through my head as winter says its goodbyes. If you have a minute, take some time and just read slowly through each one . . . they’re full of hope and promise for hearts this spring. the first leaves of the year, transparent…
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Elijah's 2-Year Photo Shoot

Not unlike last year’s attempt at one-year photos for Elijah, I am very late this year for his pics! Elijah, now two years old, has changed so much! The photos turned out pretty darn cute, so I decided to share them.

New Things

My poor little blog has been poorly left out of many wonderful things that have happened to me in the last week! Last time I checked in, we were making s’mores, I finished the track season, and did my first senior photo shoot! Those are all great things, but it’s time to do an update.…
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Fun Times

This week, my mom’s sister, Cory, was in town with her two kiddos. We had a lot of fun with them, whether it was watching Finding Dory (go see it! Waaaay too heart-throbbingly cute. Movie review possibly coming soon!) or going to a salon to get our nails done. In addition to having family in, three of…
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High Tea & “New” Cameras

Last Saturday, my sister had a tea party to celebrate her fourteenth birthday. I was so glad to be able to come and enjoy all of the fun, what with the fancy food, beautiful weather, and pretty dresses. The party was to be held at my grandma’s quiet, peaceful house, an opposite of our own…
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