Month: February 2016

portrait photography + graphic design

July & June {life update}

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist using that song as a title. 😛 It’s one of my favorite summer tunes, to be sure. July and June have been filled with a lot of adventures. Some of them have been mentioned here, but others still need to be told. June began with me holding my 10-day-old new…
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My First Track Meet! (recap)

NOTE: this was supposed to be published a week ago!! I am sorry. 🙁 All photos in this post were taken by Mr. Stanhope, our team photographer 🙂 Okay, people. Prepare yourselves, because this is a good old-fashioned rant. I’ve cut this story down as much as possible, and I’ve tried my best to keep…
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Nine Pounds Of Sweetness

NOTE: This should have been posted two weeks ago!! Sorry! Just a post with some cute snaps I’ve gotten in the few days Julia has been out in our world. 🙂 They’re all a little grainy, as I haven’t gotten a chance to take pictures of her in good lighting yet, but they’re still treasures…
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Halfway There {cross-country thoughts}

Last weekend, my teammates and I ran our third cross-country meet, the halfway point for our season. I figured now is as good a time as any to get some thoughts about this season down. What with my hip problems and everything, I’ve been careful about my summer training. I didn’t want to get to…
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Blessed Messes

A friend and I were messaging online about our stresses and life struggles one morning. I’d just woken up (hehe . . . late sleeper over here) but here we were, having this deep life conversation over the interwebs.