Month: February 2016

portrait photography + graphic design

Dear Julia

Dear Julia, Can I even start to say how excited I am to meet you?! Everyone at our house is giddy with anticipation. You’re due Easter Sunday, just a week and a half away. Right now, the grass is just starting to turn green, and the last frost might just be behind us. We held…
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Still Alive & Chilly Photo Shoots

Whew! It has been a crazy month, guys, and I’m checking in to say I’m alive and well and trying desperately to keep up with my busy life. Most of my busyness has come from school, track practice (yup, our amazing cross-country team is having an “experimental” track team this year), Bible study, church, and…
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Photography Spotlight: 3 Tips For Product Photos

Warning: if you read this post, you will most likely get sick of seeing my lettering. Prepare yourself. 😉 As you know, I love hand lettering, and, evidently, taking photographs of my hand lettering. I have had humble beginnings in both hand lettering and photography, but through those beginnings I’ve learned a little bit about…
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For The Aching Heart

You. Yes, you. I see it in your eyes, in your half-hearted smiles, in your sighs . . . even in the very words you type to me across the internet, words that shouldn’t hold emotion at all. Yet they carry stories that I can read between the lines. 

Music Review: Heart

Happy day-after Valentine’s Day, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! There are so many albums that would be fitting to review today. Chris Rice’s What A Heart Is Beating For. Jj Heller’s When I’m With You. Chris Tomlin’s Hello Love. Et cetera. But then it struck me: what better album to review this weekend…
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