Month: February 2017

Julia & Sarah {blogger interview}

Hey, all! I’m so so so so excited to introduce to you all Julia Ryan (from The Barefoot Gal blog) and Sarah Margaret (from The Introverted Extrovert blog). These two are some of the funniest, most authentic sisters you’ll be privileged to meet. I’ve known them for a few years now, just through the blogging community and …

2016 Reflections

I’ve taken my good sweet time in sorting out all my thoughts and feelings upon leaving 2016.

DIY Watercolor Valentines

Happy day-before Valentine’s Day! This year, I had originally thought, nah, I won’t be making or giving any valentines this year. I’m waaay too busy and it’s just not a priority. Welp. Plans change! Read on to hear the story and the process. 

Snow Day

We’ve had our share of freezing cold days here in Ohio, but yesterday we finally got the day I’d been waiting for: snowy and frosted to perfection. 😀 Luckily for me, the boys wanted to go out and play. Photo op! 

Fresh + New

I’m so excited to announce that With Open Hands is now Freehand Studio! This new name is going to cover both this blog and the new shop that’s coming soon! This post is going to showcase some of the awesome changes and I’ll explain a little of my process.