Baby Dreams & Baby Toes

Baby Dreams & Baby Toes

No, this is not a birth announcement, though I wish it was! I’m checking in to post a little bit about my life right now, and to announce a couple of blog changes. Baby Julia (learn about her here and here) has not arrived yet. The “plan” is to make it through this next weekend, then if my mom doesn’t go into labor before Monday morning, she’ll go into the hospital to be induced. I’m in favor of this, as it means there’s only threeish more days of waiting for her! Also, it’s a square day: 4/4/16. The next square day won’t be till 2025, so we’re taking advantage of this. My little heart gets excited about holding her, hearing her baby coos & cries, and watching her have her own baby dreams. In just a few days it’ll be happening. Such wonder. Keep us in your prayers, friends.

Track is in full swing, with meets starting in just a few days. It’s made me extra busy and extra active, what with the workouts. That said, my blogging announcement is that Music Review Mondays are going to be indefinitely discontinued. 🙁 🙁 🙁 I love writing them, and there will likely be a music review up here once in a while, but as you can see I can barely keep up with regular blogging, much less scheduled music reviews! Perhaps when life cools down (although I doubt that’s going to happen until maybe this winter, when cross country and summer plans are over), I’ll begin regular MRM’s again. But until then, let’s all have a moment of silence as this special and sentimental part of my blog takes a long rest.

*ponders the life and legacy of Music Review Mondays in silence*

Okay, I think I’m good now 🙂

Photography has been getting cool these days, because I’m still learning new things about our Canon S110. It’s been really good for me, I think, to master this camera more and more and still be learning about it, even as I’m saving for a DSLR. Owning a DSLR has been a longtime dream for me. But now that I’m accepting the fact that I won’t get one until September, I’m ready to capture thousands more moments on our camera right now. It’s been weird to actually have a lot of money but not spend it at all haha. Saving for this camera has taken grace and hard work – grace because my parents are pitching in 20% of the money, and hard work because I’ve put my Christmas card savings and my recent design project profits all towards it. Stay with me till September, people, to know how this will end!

I totally just went on a rabbit trail up there. I was going to lead into posting photos lol but I got way sidetracked. Anyways. Since photography has been cool for me lately, I’ve gotten some really cute shots in the last couple of days. At the end of March, I was struggling to come up with a few more shots for our photography challenge. You can call me a procrastinator, it’s okay. Instead of “color” shots, though, I ended up with the cutest shot of baby toes . . .


Almost-two-year-olds are the best. Especially when their name is Elijah. I love how this photo captures the chubby pinkness of his toes. You’ll note that his toenails are pretty beat up, haha, from all his adventures (unfortunately involving a rocker and a couple of toys dropping).


Can we agree I’ve got the best models for younger siblings? I mean, this kid’s got it all. He’s smiling, winking at me even, and has perfect rosy cheeks. Little Kenan cracks me up and makes me smile all the time. 😀


This isn’t nearly as cute as my siblings, but I wanted to say that lettering hasn’t been abandoned by me! I did this piece on the fly, and ended up giving it to a friend who’s making some important decisions right now. It’s a good finale for this rambling of a post. I’m waiting for God to do a lot of things right now. But what does He say? Be still before Me and wait patiently for Me. Teach me to do this, Lord! Have a blessed week, everyone, and expect a birth announcement sometime this week!