Foggy November Mornings

Photo captions, starting at the top left: The hazy morning sky was so gorgeous with the silhouetted goldenrod (not sure that’s what it’s called?) against it. Tangled branches, all bare of leaves. Droplets. Drops from the rain on thorns. I love the detail on this one. Vividly colored thorns. The fog made the sunrise look …

Elijah's 1-Year Photo Shoot (highlights)

We needed a 1-year photo for Elijah, and after three tries on my part and one on my dad’s, we finally got a photo of him . . . a month late. 😉 Here are a few of the funny photos that came out of it:

Mini Update

(click collage to view the pictures larger) From the top left corner over: Lauren (right) and I posing for a selfie one Bible study evening. She’s fun 🙂 . Christmas cards! I got an order for a bunch this week that I filled today. They do look snazzy, even though I don’t have any ribbon …

Back To School

Micah and I. The two of us are obsessed with selfies. Working on my latest lettering project. Not saying what it is yet! 🙂 See this schedule? I love this thing! It not only has a time schedule for the day, but to-do lists on the sides and extra space. I found a template on …

Music Review: The Unmaking

featured image creds I have to start with a disclaimer on how biased this review will be. Nichole Nordeman’s music has impressed me ever since I could understand the things she was talking about in her songs.