Ridge {newborn photo session}

This week, I got to take some sweet photos of baby Ridge. He was a perfect model and I had so much fun! Here’s a few of my favorite shots of him.

Lately {photo essay}

I’m gonna tell you up front: this post is totally random and the photos don’t have anything to do with each other. But, it seems like that’s maybe the best kind? Anyways, here are a bunch of pretty photos smashed together into what I get away with calling a “photo essay”.

P O E T R Y — a book review

Am I the only one who absolutely loves poetry, but becomes too “busy” for it sometimes? Poetry is deep, true, and resounds with my soul. But sometimes, I’m “busy” — meaning I may be just a tiny bit afraid of facing the truths that poetry often tells me about myself. For this reason, I hadn’t read much poetry …

Lowes {extended family photo shoot}

Just look at this beautiful family! What an honor it was to capture some beautiful moments of the Lowe family. The weather was perfect, and all the kids were full of smiles. This session was so much fun, and it turned out perfectly!

How To Edit A Photo Session In Under An Hour

Let’s just say it flat-out: photo editing is AMAZING. With all of the apps, programs, filters, overlays, and technology we have now, it’s easier than ever to get that perfect edit on your photos. However, when you take a photo session of, say, 200+ photos to sort through and apply beautiful filters, do skin touch-ups, and prepare for …