Category: Photography

Lowes {extended family photo shoot}

Just look at this beautiful family! What an honor it was to capture some beautiful moments of the Lowe family. The weather was perfect, and all the kids were full of smiles. This session was so much fun, and it turned out perfectly!

How To Edit A Photo Session In Under An Hour

Let’s just say it flat-out: photo editing is AMAZING. With all of the apps, programs, filters, overlays, and technology we have now, it’s easier than ever to get that perfect edit on your photos. However, when you take a photo session of, say, 200+ photos to sort through and apply beautiful filters, do skin touch-ups, and prepare for …

Avery {newborn session}

Last week, I was so blessed to be able to take some photos of baby Avery! This was definitely a lifestyle session, so I included her mama, Stacy, and sisters Riley & Brinlee in the session! It turned out so gorgeous. We learned early on that Avery just loves to be held, so as long …

June 2017 Goals

Happy Tuesday! I’ve got big dreams for pretty much every area of my life, but big dreams begin with little goals. I’m talking day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month goals. Here’s a practical, yet slightly whimsical smattering of my ideas and goals for June 2017.

May In Review

May, where did you go?! I’m overdue for a blog update, and I have some exciting news to share! Come join me as I rehash May in my usual two-days-late, aesthetically-authentic fashion.