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Spring Laughter {photo essay}

Spring is coming, slowly but surely. 😉 I’ve got a bunch of adorable photos from a couple of weekends ago to share. It was one of those gorgeous 70 degree evenings with good friends…such fun times and great photos to go along with them.

Girls’ Day Out {photo essay}

A couple of weeks ago, I got to see Beauty & the Beast with some friends (including Petra)! We went to the 1:00 showing on the opening day, Friday, like the homeschoolers we are, and it was amazing. Here are some photos we took throughout our afternoon together.

Friday Inspiration 3.17.17

Whoaaa so I haven’t posted for a week! Wow. I’m overdue for an update, and boy have I got some inspiring stuff for you this weekend!

Friday Inspiration 3.10.17

What an inspiring week it’s been! This week, I’ve mostly got some photos of my own that I was *inspired* to take, and a few fun shares from social media. 😉 Hope it brightens your Friday.

February In Review

February is the shortest month of the year, so you’d think it would go by super fast, right? Well, this February was a different story for me. It’s been packed with tons of activities and craziness, and yet it has seemed so slow! Here is a full recap of this crazy beautiful month of February.