Fresh + New

Fresh + New

I’m so excited to announce that With Open Hands is now Freehand Studio! This new name is going to cover both this blog and the new shop that’s coming soon! This post is going to showcase some of the awesome changes and I’ll explain a little of my process. For about a month, I’ve been wanting to revamp With Open Hands. It took several weeks of work as far as graphics (the new header didn’t make itself!), theme styling, and planning. Even after all of that, the actual content of the blog hasn’t changed. There will be a lot of posts cleaned out (and some revamped for future posting!), but overall, my goal is to keep authenticity alive! But the blogger in me can’t help but squeal about the fun new things. Here are a few of them.

Subscribe By Email

I’ve been wanting to add the option for readers to subscribe to my blog via email for a while now, but now it’s a reality! Share the love and follow along!

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Comments Are Open!

Starting in 2017, the posts on this blog are open for your comments, thoughts, questions, and suggestions! I’m open to all of those. 🙂

Hand-Lettered Featured Images

Freehand Studio doesn’t have one particular “font” for a theme now, which excites me! It means that now, I will be hand-lettering the text for featured images and graphics. Using my nifty calligraphy supplies:

Shown: Ziller Soot Black calligraphy ink, Nikko G nib, Brause EF66 nib, Ziller 66 oblique pen, and General’s #204 B straight pen

Huge shoutout to Lindsey over at The Postman’s Knock, where I basically was rescued from my own ignorance in the ways of modern calligraphy. She has super helpful tips and recommendations for where to buy nibs, holders, paper, and ink for beautiful modern calligraphy. Though I’ve been doing calligraphy for a year, I’m out of practice and so I mess up regularly! A card I designed recently, though, turned out really pretty…

All that to say, I’m pumped to “freehand” the graphics for Freehand Studio. 🙂

Guest Posts!

Yep, there are some guest posts in the making! I’m hoping to feature other photographers, bloggers, authors, and other fantastically creative people! Keep a wary eye out for the first one, coming in the next couple of weeks 😉

Thanks so much for reading! Now I want to hear from you!

what fresh + new projects are you working on? 


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  1. YAYY!! I’m so excited about this – your lettering is just goorggeouuuss. srsly girl so beautiful. so excited to see more – and the design is just epic! <333

  2. Cory says:

    It’s very exciting to see you learn and grow! I look forward to seeing all that you do this year! Love, Aunt Cory

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