Friday Inspiration 3.17.17

Friday Inspiration 3.17.17

Whoaaa so I haven’t posted for a week! Wow. I’m overdue for an update, and boy have I got some inspiring stuff for you this weekend!


First, a photo from yours truly 🙂

This makes an afternoon of work and then website work easier 👍👍👍 #coffee #thatsdarling #50mm #canon #canonusa

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I had a lot of fun with this one! I’ve never done a coffee shot, but they’re easier than I thought and turn out lovely.

This photographer, Leah Buffalino, had me STUNNED this week! I “found” her on Instagram through SKGFun (she is the main photographer for the SKGFun magazine), and I couldn’t stop gazing at her gorgeous photos! She has raw talent if I’ve ever seen it – and she’s only been taking photos for a YEAR. Whoa. Check out her Insta and her Etsy.

This made my jaw drop. Wow, great job, Dassah! (also, keep an eye out, because she recently interviewed me and it’ll go live on her blog soon! #imsoexcited!!!)


SOOO this week, I did my very first lettering VIDEO. LIKE WHOA. So play it to your heart’s delight below (I’ve literally probably watched it like a hundred times. It’s pretty mesmerizing.) Let me know if for some reason it doesn’t play.

I got my phone case from @pronetowanderla and I’m so in love!!!

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These are probably way out of my price range (and there is the notable fact that *cough* I don’t have a phone…) but can we just sigh over these together?? I talked about them for the whole day after I saw them, and I think I caught a couple of eyerolls from siblings. Like, seriously, Aliyah. Stop talking about all this lettering crap. *sheepish grin*

This Instagrammer, EssemCreatives, caught my eye right away! Watercolor + styling = my happy place.


First, I owe a HUGE thank-you to everyone who’s been supporting me for the past month or so…it’s been a crazy ride since I first renamed the blog and set up social media and whatnot. The stressed-out part of me is yelling “WE AIN’T DONE YET” but I’m choosing to ignore that and say WOW. THANKS. I would not be even this far without the sweet, thoughtful things YOU ALL do for me…whether it’s a “like” on social media (which may not mean much to you, but for me, every one of those is special!) or a comment on the blog. Or, for those of you who know me personally, it’s those hugs and putting up with my constant ramblings about this little place called Freehand Studio. My family is especially forgiving, and I can’t thank them enough!

All that to say: you’re amazing. Stay that way, ‘kay? You’re also worth a whole lot more than this little Friday Inspiration post can express.

Purpose + Platform: how the two collide by Madyson Grace

OKAY so I knowwww I’m like always sharing Madyson’s stuff, but THIS POST. It hit me right in the gut, and I’ve not recovered yet. How does she always say the exact thing I need to hear? Jesus has a way of working all that out. Anyways, this post set me straight on a few things. Don’t miss it. (sidenote: it comes from a gal with literally tens of thousands of social media followers. So when she says “use your platform for His glory”, she means it.)

This cute song challenge from Happily Abi reminds me of when I used to do Music Review Mondays! I have a deep passion for music, so I absolutely loved these posts! The song she highlights in this post is especially a favorite of mine. 😉 Thanks, Abi, for the great reminder!

I’m just gonna be honest with you, and say this was one of the hardest weeks I’ve had for a long time. There have been a lot of various issues happening that I have no control over, and so it makes me panic inside and overthink everything. This song could not describe me better, mainly this line:

It’s a fear that keeps me wide awake in the middle of the night…when the expectations are too great and the bar gets raised too high. So I do the best with what I’ve got, and hope that no one knows that I strain to see how high I can try and stand on these toes till I measure, but You know better.

I’m an overachiever. It’s who I am, and I think until I reach eternity and realize the fullness of His grace, I’ll always be trying to measure up to that infinitely high standard of perfection. However…

We raise the standard and try to reach it…we’ll never make it, and we don’t need to!

So, this week? I’ve given up trying to hold it all together and build a wall around my heart. My decision is this: to choose to be open, vulnerable, and accept grace. And as I accept the grace, I’m choosing to be grateful. Even when the grace comes through situations that cut my heart like shattered glass. Even when it means saying “I’m not okay,” to the “how are you?” question, rather than the traditional (and FAKE) “fine”. News flash: nobody’s fine. (#findingdory). Thank You, Jesus, for loving me even when these pieces are so scattered and broken.

so I put aside the masquerade…and admit that I am not okay…it may not be the thing to say, but I’m not ashamed to need You more each day.

Hope this Friday finds you wholly in His grace. Keep pressing on!

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  1. I had so much fun reading this post- and I had so much fun with that cat picture! Thanks for linking me back! And can’t wait for the interview either! 😉

    Awesome job on the coffee job! I’ve never done anything like it, but you make it sound easy. 🙂

    Hadassah <3

  2. I am so flattered right now I think I need to take a moment.

    *moment taken*

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your sooooo sweet to write all this about me i just cant!!

    Your photography is BEAUTIFUL as well.

    thanks again!!!


  3. Julia says:

    I love these posts and YES ISNT LEAH AMAZING?!?!? her photography is goals

  4. M. Gregg says:

    I love how real your blogs are. Keep up the good work and #inspiration.

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