Julia & Sarah {blogger interview}

Julia & Sarah {blogger interview}

Hey, all! I’m so so so so excited to introduce to you all Julia Ryan (from The Barefoot Gal blog) and Sarah Margaret (from The Introverted Extrovert blog). These two are some of the funniest, most authentic sisters you’ll be privileged to meet. I’ve known them for a few years now, just through the blogging community and “meeting” each other via Google Hangouts. They graciously agreed to doing an interview together for us today! 

(left, Sarah, right, Julia)

It was so fun for me to get to interview these ladies. We did it on live Google Hangouts chat, so there will be messaging slang and a bit of craziness (*winks*) but I think – wait, I KNOW – you’ll love this post. So, without further ado, here is a inside look at our heart-to-heart chat 🙂

When did you two start your blogs? Who/what was the inspiration to get started?

Julia: I started my blog on October 27th, 2013. And legit, the reason I started a blog was because I liked the title “Writing for His Glory”. I was just fourteen and really didn’t really have any big ideas in mind, other than the fact that I wanted to share my writing somewhere. And no, I don’t vividly remember sitting at the computer starting my blog xD

Sarah: I started mine the day after her – October 28th of 2013. 😀 She claims I copied her, but no. In truth, I had been asking my mom if I could get a blog for a while before. I had just gotten a camera and this really was the start of my photography and writing to be honest. I actually don’t remember starting my blog much…it just seems like I’ve always been blogging!

Who enjoys the WRITING aspect of blogging more, and who enjoys the DESIGN (i.e. formatting, photography, appearance) aspect more? Or is it an even mix?

Julia: I would say an even mix. Because, I ADORE writing my blog posts, and formatting it is half of the fun!! I cannot do html coding or blog template designs for the life of me…that’s where I call for Sarah. Oooooorrrr try to do it and end up ruining something or getting a major headache 😛  I would say we have a great team mindset in blogging though. We both proofread each others’ posts, go on photo shoots, etc. We do have to play rock, paper, scissors when it comes to events we both want to post about though!!

(from thebarefootgal)

Sarah: Oh boy. That’s a hard one, but I’d say I love both. Although, I tend to want my posts to be more “pleasing to the eye”. My OCD will get me if something is off 😂 😂  Also. Editing pictures is awesome for me when it works out. I’m the coding sister, so basically siblings come to me if they want something changed in the HTML. But writing posts – especially my monthly posts – are so much fun. I just love recording all the random moments.

I love that! You two work so well together – and it’s really clear on your blogs. 😀  Okay, question three…what is one word you would use to describe your blogging style?

Sarah: Um. One?

Julia: Wait can we do each others too? Spontaneous – for my blog *grins* (I love that word k)

Yes sure! Do each other’s too!!

Sarah: Simply-random for my blog. << NOTE THE HYPHEN. I can never follow rules lol. Hmm for Julia’s blog? Maybe…nutso. Jk jk! Probably…bright? I dunno it’s just what I think of when I look at her blog, in design, and in the posts. We just like to make ourselves, and others laugh (often at the cost of our own embarrassment BUT WHATEVES lol)

Julia: I think I’m going to go with relatable for Sarah’s blog, because with each of her posts I’m like YESSS THAT IS SO TRUE.

(from the introverted extrovert)

Question four: Where do you see your writing journeys going in the future? (i.e. blog ideas, novel plans, author dreams…?)

Julia: Okay I’ve got this down actually. I want to continue being the barefoot gal, like forever. Either I’ll turn my blog into a DIY blog, or food, or just keep writing. I dream of being paid to do it, as a real job. It’s something I can see me doing a single young lady, mom, or whatever. So yeah.. that’s my dream. Oh, and poetry… I would love to actually publish my poems.

(from twilight to dawn)

Sarah: *clears throat* ohhkaayy. To be honest, my writing dream is to get published someday. It’s more of a faint dream, so I’m not like I HAVE TO GET PUBLISHED…just maybe someday. Blog plans? I like my blog, the comfy “relatable” style it is at the moment. Of course, that might change somewhat. Also, I would like to continue to learn more photography. I don’t know what’ll happen, but I’m ready for the adventure of it 😄  *whaps ju bc she has more of a plan than me* LOL

(from the introverted extrovert)

You two are a whole lot more at peace with the adventure that is the future than I am lol! Great answers! A tough question next tho….how do you balance blogging and life?

Julia: Wow that’s actually easy: blogging is part of our lives! If I do a DIY project, I take photos for a post. We go to the park? We take a few photos and remember something funny we want to share. It’s really enjoyable for me because I know that I’ll always be able to look back on an event with photos and written memories. Also, it’s my creativity time, so I make time for it. 😀

Oh my word, that is profound! You summed up everything I feel about blogging in, like, three sentences xD

Julia: wait, what? PROFOUND? nooooo lol

Sarah: *bursts out laughing* US? PROFOUND?

Julia: *giggles* nope, not us.

Sarah: *recovers* About a year ago we found a plotting schedule that worked really well for us. We made it up, and legit haven’t gone back or messed up the schedule for over a year. Nuts, right?? As in balancing it with life – it is life. Photography…I’m always taking pictures. Randomness?? Well, that’s my life. Writing? Well. I’ve written novels. I look at my blog like a journal. Blogging isn’t a chore, it’s a recording.

(from the introverted extrovert)

What is the most touching comment you have received on your blog? And what is the most surprising comment?

Sarah: I’d have to say ALL comments are touching. Sometimes my posts strike memories that other people share. Also, I just love it when people “binge read” my blog. That is so inspiring and awesome. Like, gosh. People actually wanna read my blog. Ya know? Okay and here is a fun, but equally surprising, one. There was this guy who was, like, taking parts of my posts, and somehow turning it into poetry??? I laughed way too hard at that 😂 😂

Julia: ‘Kay the most touching is actually pretty recent – Naomi Dare commented on my bedroom tour post:

“I’ve been binge reading your blog lately and I l.o.v.e. it. please don’t ever stop blogging, you crack me up.”

That for me was so touching!! Like BINGE READING MY BLOG?! Wow and “don’t ever stop blogging?” *starts to sob* And uhhhh most surprising? I think the surprising thing in this case wasn’t just the comments themselves, but how many people posted!! When I posted my No Sugar Challenge, a TON OF PEOPLE JOINED ME. I was so surprised and pleased xD

What was a major breakthrough moment for you as a blogger? (“blogger” being defined as a photographer, writer, poet, designer…whatever you do and post about 🙂 )

Julia: It would be May of 2016. I got a new blog design, Sarah got her DSLR (and amazingly shared it with me), and #TEAMWAFFLE broke out. I also started my No Sugar Challenge – and before I knew it, I had this new outlook on blogging. I’m not even sure exactly what it was… I just vividly remember breaking through something and then running with it. I still have that passionate feeling.

(in honor of #TEAMWAFFLE from the barefoot gal)

Sarah: Probably when I got my new DSLR – I was really excited to have at it and figure it all out. Also, there is that moment when you just…find yourself, and your style. To be honest, I don’t actually remember a defined moment when it happened, but it just did. I have my own unique blogging style, photography style and writing style. I think bloggers are often afraid to be themselves…I was for a while. Once I got over that, I could just be myself.

I do remember following your blogs at that point in time and being like, “whooaaa, they are totally finding their niche and loving it!” It’s like your personalities just broke through.

Sarah: I just feel a freedom with my blogging – like I can post about whatever I wanna, when I wanna. 😛

Julia: I love how I can be me – my goofy side really comes out. I can also be serious about God and people accept that. They listen, comment, and I also learn from them!

(from the barefoot gal)

What is one mistake you’ve made blogging that you’d like to steer others away from?

Julia: I would have to say sharing TOO much. Your readers want to see into your life, but sometimes I read blogs and be like “whoa that’s uncomfortable”. Also, don’t be an apologetic blogger, feeling like you owe people posts (and apologies when you don’t post). PLZ DONT. When I first started blogging, I felt like I HAD TO DO IT and would be like “sorry I haven’t posted” when goooshhh no. It’s your blog, and your life. Blogging is only something you can do if you have a love for it.

Sarah: I guess sometimes when people start out blogging, they look at others and maybe admire them a bit too much, so they start to copy others. I would say, take things and ideas from other people – but don’t do it forever. Find your own style and niche. Blogging can be hard at first, but just stick it out.

(from the introverted extrovert)

I think you two have found a really good balance of sharing just enough information for the posts to be authentic but not overload. Not to mention having a fabulous style of your own 😀 Next question: what do you think is the best thing about the blogging community?

Julia: OMW this one.❤❤❤❤ All of my amazing friends – goodness. I’ve met some of my closest pals, connecting on so many different levels. I’m now part of a writing group because of the blogger community. They are so encouraging with my poetry, photography, and then I feel inspired by so many posts I see. But really, it’s the friends I’ve met along the way. That’s the best part, I think. ❤

Sarah: When everyone just gets together, it’s a blast. Every blogger has such a unique blog and personality that it can get pretty crazy fun sometimes. I’ve made some amazing friends thru blogging (some I really hope to meet someday!!) I think one of the funnest things in blogging is the interaction. People will often tell me stories that go along with my post, and it’s just such fun to get to know so many awesome peeps xD

This question hits home for me too, because without the blogging community I wouldn’t have met y’all! And that would be sad indeed 😞

Julia: AGREED! I was going to say something about that too.

Sarah: dude. I hadn’t thought of that but so true.

Last question *sniffs* What are your final thoughts for bloggers, aspiring or already in the blogosphere?

Julia: Just. do. it. You can’t constantly worry about “messing up”, you just gotta try. And, that, nobody can fault you for! My blogging journey started out with just Pinterest pins of my favorite movies… sometimes, you gotta start out at the bottom and slowly work your way up the ladder. I’m excited to climb higher! I know that I’ll never reach the top, because learning and stretching can never stop. Unless you stop it with fear. So, be brave and try. It’s the best feeling ever.

Sarah: Just be yourself. I mean, so many people say that, but it’s SO TRUE. It’s not real and true if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. Just be natural. We all love reading natural posts from others who we can relate to. Don’t be afraid to hit that “post” button – just go for it. Do blogging because you enjoy it! Don’t do it for others, or bc you feel pressured by a schedule, or bc you said you would. It’s your blog. You shouldn’t feel like you have to do anything with it. Enjoy blogging…when you enjoy your blog, others will too. Don’t quit.

(from the introverted extrovert)

Thank you ladies so much!

Wowzers. *applauds* There are some super great answers packed into there. Annd guess what? There’s even more beauty over at their blogs! Don’t miss it…

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