July & June {life update}

July & June {life update}

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist using that song as a title. 😛 It’s one of my favorite summer tunes, to be sure.

July and June have been filled with a lot of adventures. Some of them have been mentioned here, but others still need to be told. June began with me holding my 10-day-old new camera in one hand, and my 8-week-old baby sister cradled in the other arm. I’m sure I had a wild look in my eye. Sarah and I have been working since the beginning of June and wow, have I learned learned LEARNED. I finished the month of June with my camera comfortably around my neck and a 4th of July cupcake in my hand (that Sarah & I decorated). Trust me, the cupcake didn’t stay there long! 😉

What God has done in June I will not forget. He gave me grace enough to pick myself up and put on a pair of running shoes again. Training has had its ups and downs, but overall I am doing well and feeling myself grow strong. He has helped Sarah and I so much at our job. We are by no means masters at our job, but I am so so so grateful for kind people who are patient with us, teaching and encouraging us. They make this experience so much better! At the beginning of the summer, I literally wrote out a list of things I knew needed to happen, and I had no idea how it was all going to play out. Yet now I see that God’s hand has been composing something lovely from the months of July & June 2016. I am halfway through July and I can already see He has even more plans for this month. Every time I am fearful, I go to Him and He picks me back up: “daughter, I love you, and as long as you’re seeking My face, you’ll walk in the power of My daily sufficient grace.”

This summer hasn’t exactly been filled with free time, but the opposite! In the evenings, sometimes I’ll look at the calendar and think about the week ahead. My journal entries read more often than not: give me strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. 😆 The tomorrow is sometimes more difficult to think about than the today. Time is flying, despite my worries. Elijah turned 2 and Adon turned 5 this month. Their birthdays made me think about how much I don’t want these two to grow up, even though I know it’ll be good. I just can’t make myself want Adon’s dimples and sweet little-boy hugs and kisses to grow older! Nor do I want Elijah’s two-year-old smiles (and occasional devious motives behind them) to change and grow, right before my eyes. All I can do is pray for more love and more grace, I guess!

Probably the most memorably awkward moment of July, for me, was riding in the back of my dad’s truck for the first (and I hope & pray only) time. Since our van is currently out of order, it was a necessary step in order to fit everyone in the truck. *gulps* It was actually kind of fun, but embarrassing at the same time. We conveniently passed our boss along the way. *facepalm* Never a dull moment around here, I guess.

STOP PRESS: I was in the middle of writing this post the day before we bought our 15-passenger van! God is so good to us. He provided the exact brand, style, and size vehicle we needed – and exactly in our budget. He didn’t skimp on anything. With each glance at our fire-engine red 15-passenger in the driveway, I am reminded of the bold and powerful love and provision of our God. This is all in His will and it is also in His hands. Where God guides, He provides.

Last thing I’ll share: in June, I put together a set of floral themed greeting cards. For a while now, I have tried and failed at painting watercolor flowers, though I am nowhere near done trying. 😉 I found these freebies over at Angie Makes, though, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to clean these gorgeous images up and create some cards with them. They could not have turned out better. Please note that I created these cards only for personal use, not for commercial purposes, according to the terms on Angie Makes. 🙂 You can find this set of freebies and more over on her page of free girly graphics and clipart. 😀