Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

It’s been forever since I’ve updated my blog with words, not photos or photography tutorials. 😛 If I seem to be forgetting my sweet little blog, it’s because my life is pretty crazy right now. There haven’t been a lot of moments to spare. The really crazy thing is that it has been almost an entire year since I wrote this post, and it feels like yesterday that I sat down and typed out my thoughts about summer 2015.

As I mentioned in my last update, Sarah and I have started working. We work at a local grocery store that’s only five minutes from our house, which is awesome. So far, we’ve mostly been facing shelves (organizing them and bringing items to the front), which I like because it’s super satisfying for my perfectionistic personality. We’ve also done some paperwork whatnot, and just last Friday we started frosting cupcakes! Since neither Sarah or I have ever done anything like this, Friday’s cupcakes were pretty much all duds, but we got a decent two hours of practice in. A couple of days ago, we made 18 cupcakes that went in the case to sell, so we’ll see how they do! It’s going to take a ton of practice, so I’m praying we can keep doing a good job while getting that needed practice in. (Psst! Check out this post to see pics of a couple of our cupcakes. 🙂 )

Summer running club has begun! I’m so so so grateful to God that I’m able to run again! After six weeks, I am finally seeing recovery happening from my hip injury. It’s been so special and meaningful to be back with my “peeps” at running club again. We run together, but even as we train physically, we are encouraging each other and growing spiritually. It’s definitely one of the best parts of my week. 🙂

Our church just finished up our vacation Bible school. A huge highlight for me was to be the official photographer/videographer of the event. I don’t claim to have made a perfect video, because the footage is admittedly shaky, the mark of a beginner. 😛 All in all, though, I’m really grateful to my church for letting me do it because I learned a lot.

Photography in general has been going beautifully. A friend of the family from church gave me a brand-new camera bag for free, which was amazing. To finish off this post, here’s a giant collage of some recent pics (I’ve been taking a lot). Praising God for this life and for summer. 😀