Making Up For Lost Time…

Making Up For Lost Time…

…with a collage! I love the look of a storyboard-style photo collage, so I grabbed some of my more recent photos and put them all together in this way!


Top left corner, from left: Kenan (2) standing against a friends’ house on the 4th of July, my cousin and I hanging out this past week, a star we drew out of sparklers (also on the 4th), and my sister & cousin jumping together. šŸ˜‰

Bottom left: a hot air balloon we saw yesterday! It was such a pretty night, and I was glad to have gotten a picture of it.

Top right corner: a dark chocolate Hershey Kiss. Enough said.

Bottom right corner, from left: the gift and card for my grandma’s 70th birthday (I hand-lettered the card, and my sister, Sarah, wrapped the gift with her beautiful paper flowers), Micah (5) jumping, a strawberry for this week’s photography challenge, and some fireworks from the 4th.

July was a busy month, and for some reason I didn’t take a lot of photos other than the ones from the 4th, but August will hopefully be different. Check out my first photography challenge post here. šŸ™‚