March + April In Review

March + April In Review

I’m writing this late at night on April 30, 2017. How is spring almost over?!?! I’ve got lots to share and write about, so here goes…

Columbus Ohio Portrait Photographer Newborn Photography Freehand Studio Aliyah Burton

Julia being cute as always 😉

This spring has held so many new beginnings for me. My little blog has begun to take flight, our track meets began (and end soon!). It’s been a while since I’ve written about any of my experiences, but they’ve all been amazing and deserve to be chronicled.


I’m not even training as much as a typical track athlete, but I still feel like I am running every spare hour I get. *facepalm* As I’m improving, I’m learning that wowwww there is more to running than just…running. The whole concept of working as a team and growing together is so hard to learn. There is glory and yet there is pain in racing, and all of the people I love the most see me at my weakest when I’m done with the four laps of pain that is the mile. I am so grateful for the support I’ve received from my coach, my dad, my teammates, and most importantly, my Savior.

Two of my favorite peoples <3

I race with the best of ’em, Molly and Sadie.


My favorite things this spring have been photo-worthy events. Here are a couple of highlights:

*sighhhh* so so fun


I love candid track meet moments like this one with Claire <3


I have done a couple of exciting projects since I last checked in!!! One was with SKGFun, for their most recent fantasy issue. Here’s a sneak peek:

Alllso, I did a calligraphy video last week:


Several rough situations have hit me head-on this spring. I’ve had to be reminded over and over (and over) again that THE BATTLE IS THE LORD’S. Worrying gets me nowhere. Fuming is no help. Complaining just makes my friends annoyed at me. And the hardest part of all is that sometimes, bad things come out of my own sinfulness. God has been so gracious to me. Not to mention friends and family (you know who you are!).

Other times, I’ve been wronged. I have to sit back and ask: will I extend the same grace to that person that God so freely gives to me? Or will I harden my heart in pursuit of getting back at that person? I’m challenged to surrender.

Also? When you ask God for a teachable heart, He will most definitely give you situations where you’ll be (painfully) taught. After a good cry and some self-pity, I could only say this:

I’m learning so slowly…and I fall time and time again. WOW I need Jesus. That’s really the point of all this, isn’t it? To bring me back to this place before God, a child who runs straight to His arms: first, last, always.

This is one battle I’m glad to lose. Thank you Jesus for renewing my trust, time and time again.

So there’s my spring in a nutshell! How has yours been??

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