New Link + Other Updates

New Link + Other Updates

Freehand Studio is upgrading even more! There’s a new link for this website, and a couple of other new surprises as well. 

As I get closer and closer to launching a shop & photography business on this site, I’m reading anything I can get my hands on about marketing, e-commerce, site formatting, WordPress tools, and social media. Now, shop or not, I’ve learned some really valuable things from books & websites like:

  • The Handmade Marketplace by Kari ChapinI pretty much read this one like all the time xD
  • Blog, Inc. by Joy Cho. This book is the best, applying to any kind of blogger with big dreams 🙂
  • Their tagline is “dressing your brand with style”, which instantly had me sold. 😀 Bluchic creates beautiful feminine WordPress themes, as well as distributes branding tips on a blog. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you receive access to seven free booklets about WordPress strategies (lol that term makes it sound so nefarious!) to improve your blog. I love WordPress, but these tips can apply to other types of blogs as well.
  • I found this site through Bluchic, but I have really been enjoying the blog posts from it! Every few days, a wealth of marketing tips, small business support, and branding ideas arrives in my inbox. Not even to mention the free set of stock photos I receive each month! 😉

Throughout all this “studying”, I was writing a LONNNNGGGG to-do list. I thrive on to-do lists. One of my big to-do’s was buy a domain name. Dad is a genius when it comes to this stuff, which I am so grateful for. Otherwise, I’d be lost! He’s been helping me every step of the way for this blog. The link to Freehand Studio is now Don’t worry – will still work for a while until enough time has passed for everyone to get switched over. 🙂

ALSO (here comes the fun, not-geeky part) I’m on social media now! Check out my Facebook and Instagram. I am totally new to this, but am enjoying the learning process 😀

Any social media tips??

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  1. Julia Ryan says:

    don’t lose inspiration through other people’s insta accounts – stick with what you like and how you want to be creative through it xD

  2. I don’t use social media on Facebook and Instagram, but I do post on Google+. I would just say love your own photography, and don’t get distracted with other people’s, and think they’re better than you. 🙂

    You are truly amazing. 😉 Can’t wait for more updates! 🙂

    Hadassah <3

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