P O E T R Y — a book review

P O E T R Y — a book review

Am I the only one who absolutely loves poetry, but becomes too “busy” for it sometimes? Poetry is deep, true, and resounds with my soul. But sometimes, I’m “busy” — meaning I may be just a tiny bit afraid of facing the truths that poetry often tells me about myself. For this reason, I hadn’t read much poetry for a while, until I found out that Julia’s new poetry book had become available to purchase! So exciting!! Now’s the part where I rant about it and describe my innermost feelings while reading it…come join me?

first, a little background on Julia

{dreamer – barefoot – writer – poet – photographer – blogger – sister}

Julia is a blogging buddy that I have known for a long time now. We “met” in a Google Hangouts chat at the beginning of 2015, when I was still writing/editing/actually thinking about my novel, Sunrise. It’s crazy to think that that was going on two and a half years ago! I hadn’t started blogging online at that point, yet she was a blog veteran, so to speak. Her sister, Sarah, also blogs. I actually did a blogger interview with Julia and Sarah, read it here!

I love Julia’s freehand style. I’m a very cut-and-dried type of person, organized and composed. Julia? She’s a free spirit, a dreamer, full of new ideas. She’d be amazing at a DIY blog (which her own blog already borders on). Julia began writing poetry on her blog, Twilight to Dawn, about a year ago. Honesty moment: I never followed Julia’s poetry blog much because I just figured I’d catch the highlights on Julia’s regular blog, The Barefoot Gal. I was just a little wrong.

Julia’s book, Poetry, Volume I, is full of lowercase letters and deep thoughts about life, love, and laughter. It’s a compilation of poems Julia has written on her blog, Twilight to Dawn, over this past year.

I really appreciate the depth in Julia’s writing. I’ve been kind of stuck in an emotional season, dealing with some roller-coaster feelings in my relationships, my own sin, my passions, and my purpose. Reading Julia’s poems was so affirming, because I realized that even though we say we’re “fine” on the outside, we all feel pain and anger and happiness and love on the inside. Somebody else has felt/is feeling what I’m feeling. In a world where I don’t always feel supported or empathized with, Julia’s poems are a breath of fresh air. One of my favorites…

there’s something in me
that i can’t hold back
can’t hold down
can’t smother
ive tried to tame it
to teach it to behave
but over and over again
it comes back
you see
i think
that is
im afraid
that it is

Oh goodness, so true. You have no idea how much of a struggle this is for me…realizing that there are qualities embedded in my nature that just come out and hurt other people. I like to think I’m not a bad person. But the honest truth? The problem isn’t you — it’s ME. Me. There’s only one way out: Someone who can change ME.

have you ever been
so afraid of something
that you just look at it
and shake your head
slowly at first
and say no
that you can’t do it
the fear is too real
almost too deep
to touch
but it’s there
so you can’t do it
you have to turn away
and say
i can’t
not today

I came home from a pretty long and tiring trip, and this book was sitting on my bed, in its package. I devoured it. I used to be one of those people who couldn’t handle a few lowercase letters and grammatical errors. But. When the writing hits me deep in my soul and makes me cry, I think I can forgive, even EMBRACE, the flaws. Those “flaws” make the book that much more endearing to me, and they reinforce the raw, beautiful nature of the poems. You see, I’m becoming one of those people who connects the everyday to the sacred. I love that Julia’s poems are that way, too.

All this to say? Guys, get yourselves over to the page where you can buy Julia’s book! Also comment on her blog to encourage her as she works on the second volume!

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  1. Julia says:

    I’m crying. GIRRRLLLL I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ALL THIS. I’m really, truly, deeply, honored that you wrote this post, INCLUDING your raw own feelings. That’s something I always try to do, but geesh, sometimes it’s hard! Like I told you, “ME” was my hardest poem to post..I’m just glad I did now. seriously, Aliyah, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You’re a treasure.

  2. Jessica says:

    Lovely review! I’m hanging out for my copy to arrive.. But I totally relate to your last point – those lowercase letter and no apostrophes used to annoy me to the point of not reading. But sometimes they just work, and like you said, make it so much more.

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